Photos by Jaka Vinšek.

“One World Symphony has performed many premieres since its founding in 2001 by composer and conductor Sung Jin Hong.”The New York Times

One World Symphony’s Discography of World, Manhattan, and Brooklyn Premieres

Rob Adler
تَقْسِيم‎‎ (Taqsim, 2017)

Keith Bailey
Revelation (2008)

Samuel Barber
Vanessa (complete, Brooklyn premiere 2009)

Robert Below

Homage To Villa-Lobos (2003)

Benjamin Britten

Peter Grimes (complete, Brooklyn premiere 2008)

Jason Candler
Boneyard (2010)

Carlos Castañeda, Jr.
I Should Be Speechless (2006)

John Craven
To My Father (2001)

Bond and Free (2001)

My Life Closed Twice (2004)

James Cross

Knossos: House of the Double Axe (2002–2003)

Michael Daugherty
Metropolis Symphony (Brooklyn premiere 2007)

Joan Dawidziak

Duo Concertante (2002)

Kyle Gann
Faith (Orchestrated By Sung Jin Hong) (2002)

Charles Gerard

The Headless Horseman (2009)

Peter Gilbert
Dreams Of You (2001)

Stan Grill
In Their Flight (2006)

Pluto – Dark Matter (2006)

Ophelia Songs (2006)

Thinking Of You (2005)

Two Laments (2004)

Vignettes – Winter Trees (2004)
The Invisible Ballet (2004)

Sean Hickey
Sagesse (2003)

To The Wars (2004)

Sung Jin Hong
Hannibal (2015)
Breaking Bad — Ozymandias (2014)
Rite of the Cicada (2013)
Edge (2013)
The Architect (2012)
Commissioned by The Ramakrishna-Vivekananda
Center of New York
Eye of the Storm (2010)
Commissioned by West Village Concerts
Sidewalk Sketches (2010)
Commissioned by The September Concert Foundation
From The Alchemist (2009)

Jihwan Kim
Chain Reaction (2007)

David and Goliath (2007)

Coldplay’s Fix You Orchestration (2006)

U2 Orchestrations (2006)

Summer Winds (2005)

Justin Lee

Hodor Suite (2015)

Eric Lemmon

Shostakovich Songs Orchestration (2010)

Michael Mandrin
Sürgün (Exile, 2017) 

Masashi Mori
Homage To Debussy (2002)

Takeshi Ota
Gon Gitsune (2001)

Esa-Pekka Salonen

Foreign Bodies (New York premiere 2011)

Kaija Saariaho

Parfum de l’instant (Brooklyn premiere 2011)

Valentin Silvestrov

Last Love (1998)

Richard Strauss

Elektra (complete, Brooklyn premiere 2009)

Andrew Struck-Marcell

Infinity (2014)
In Delirium Remember (2013)
John Lennon’s Imagine Orchestration (2010)

Emilia Tamburri
Björk's New World Orchestration (2009)

Margarita Zelenaia
Life Is Beautiful (2001)

Mother’s Lamentations (2002)

Homage To Stravinsky (2004)